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7 signs of a good boss

The supervisor's behavior affects the psychological state, motivation, and professional growth of employees. For a beneficial impact, aspiring supervisors can be guided by this list.

📈 Clearly articulates tasks.

People work better if they understand the task at hand: what they have to do, how they have to do it, and in what time frame. Explaining and helping to allocate resources is the direct responsibility of a supervisor.


American investor John Doerr in his book "Measuring the Most Important" advises not to do anything without explaining to the team why an employee is assigned this or that task and what contribution he or she will make by completing it. This will make the work more meaningful and reduce the risk of misunderstandings

🔎 Doesn't micromanage

Micromanagement is a management style in which the supervisor tries to control every action of subordinates. He demands regular reports, gets into every task, and does not allow employees to take the initiative.


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Micromanagement is inefficient: it slows down the work processes, and the employees feel stressed and work worse. That is why a good boss pays more attention to global goals than to the little things.

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Taking time off from work.

Even if a supervisor doesn't call for working weekends and vacations, but does so himself, it affects the company culture. Subordinates adopt this pattern of behavior, begin to overwork, burn out and feel dissatisfied because they have to sacrifice their personal lives.


It is important for managers to prioritize for themselves and subordinates so that they finish all important tasks during business hours

👏 Gives constructive feedback

A good supervisor doesn't forget to praise an employee if he or she copes with the task. If he failed, he explains what the mistake was and how to avoid it next time.


At the same time chief does not pick on little things, does not criticize without reason and does not insult employees.


So he helps his subordinates to grow professionally, motivates them and creates an atmosphere of safety in the team

🎓 He has a lot to learn.

A good supervisor is not afraid to share his knowledge with subordinates and helps them grow. This motivates them and increases their productivity.


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It's important for a boss to be intellectually flexible, says psychologist Adam Grant - constantly improving his skills, updating his knowledge, introducing new technologies and abandoning outdated

🤥 Doesn't cheat.

And doesn't hide anything that might affect the lives and work of his subordinates. Even if the news is bad. For example, if the company changes leadership, it's important to let subordinates know as soon as possible and explain how work will be structured next.

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Such a strategy helps, in part, to reduce the anxiety of employees, and this already allows them to be less distracted from their work

😇 Don't treat people as objects

A good boss behaves respectfully toward every employee - regardless of position.

And does not forget about their needs - rest, recognition, fair wages. Gives an extra day off if necessary, does not skimp on praise and bonuses.

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If there is no possibility to pay bonuses, there are non-financial ways to encourage the employee. Studies show that a face-to-face conversation with the boss can motivate more than a bonus

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