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Zodiac Sign Characteristics for Sagittarius [Dates, Horoscope, Personality, Compability]

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac, which is influenced by the element of fire. The main qualities of this constellation are curiosity, activity, and the desire for new experiences. Sagittarius people never sit still, they are very active and enterprising, they like adventure and travel, they are easygoing and inclined to risk.

Even being in unusual, new circumstances for themselves, the representatives of this sign are not confused and easily find like-minded people and friends. Communicativeness and openness helps them to walk through life easily and playfully cope with difficulties.

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Sagittarians are honest and straightforward. They do not hide their opinions and express them openly and without embellishment, which may offend others. At the same time Sagittarians usually do not want to hurt anyone, they just consider it their duty to publicly express their point of view. Because of this, they are often considered rude and rude.

Sagittarians are impetuous and unrestrained, the worst thing for them is monotony and boredom. They grasp at new things with enthusiasm and full dedication. Sagittarians easily understand learning foreign languages, receiving education and any other activity connected with the discovery of new horizons.
Sagittarians are very restless and fickle, they are easily carried away and also quickly cool to new business. Representatives of this sign can fall into melancholy or even depression if someone will limit their freedom. However, in the company of friends who support their endeavors, Sagittarians are the real eternal engines and generators of ideas. They easily create company around them, make witty jokes and never go unnoticed.


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Sagittarius men are sociable, open and spontaneous. They love new emotions and impressions, they do not tolerate boredom and banality. Men born under this sign are usually excellent orators; they love to tell stories and be the center of attention. Sagittarians are the darlings of fate, any undertaking is given to them easily and without effort. They often take risks, but as a rule, this risk is justified and brings good dividends.

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The desire for innovation and craving for adventure makes the male Sagittarius is not the most reliable companion. He is constantly looking for new emotions and feelings. In addition, representatives of this sign are very amorous. Therefore, a woman who decides to compose the happiness of Sagittarius will have to apply all his wisdom and ingenuity, so as not to bore his lover. In addition, Sagittarius men very much value freedom and do not allow restrictions on their personal space.

Sagittarius men are assertive and sometimes even aggressive, nothing can stop them on the way to the goal. Relationships with this man is bright and emotional, but it is virtually impossible to keep him in place or tie a commitment.
In the professional sphere Sagittarius men are ambitious and enterprising, their desire for success can sometimes be mistaken for lack of principle and the desire to "go over their heads", but in fact Sagittarians just can't sit idly by and passively watch the progress of events.


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A female Sagittarius is an independent, strong and powerful person. She does not go on the account of others, lives by her own rules and does not depend on the opinions of others. She is creative and multifaceted, easily captures the ideas of others and inspires them to accomplishments. Such women are used to being leaders both in the profession and in relationships. They do not tolerate control and strive for freedom.

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Women born under the sign of Sagittarius are perfectionists and workaholics. They do not accept flattery and guile, they are honest about themselves and others. Ready to admit their shortcomings and boldly point out others to their mistakes, which sometimes scare away vulnerable and shy people.

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In a relationship with the male Sagittarius women do not tolerate patriarchy. They are used to be on an equal footing with their partner, not afraid to take the initiative and take the situation into their own hands. Won such a woman can only bright and charismatic men, in anything not inferior to his beloved, and able to make her a worthy pair. Female Sagittarius is open and honest, but flirting and coquetry they alien. Therefore, it is easy to understand if she likes someone.



Leo and Aries are the most suitable pair for representatives of the sign of Sagittarius. They will be able to coexist as equals, not suppressing each other's freedom. There is no place for jealousy in such unions, together they form a strong tandem, inspiring each other to new achievements. With Pisces and Virgo, Sagittarians can show their leadership qualities by playing the first fiddle in the relationship.

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Scorpios are difficult to get along with Sagittarians because of their desire to always and in everything be the best. And Libra will not be able to understand the Sagittarians' constant desire for change and craving for adventure, so this relationship is unlikely to be harmonious.

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