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Zodiac Sign Characteristics for Pisces [Dates, Horoscope, Personality, Compability]

Pisces is the last, 12th sign of the zodiac, completing the astrological zodiacal circle. Pisces is one of the most controversial representatives of the zodiacal constellation. The element of Water determines the fickleness and instability of their nature. The constellation Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, so their ambivalence is assured from birth. For the most part, members of this sign are people who go with the flow, who are not used to change something in their life and rarely resist circumstances.

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Pisces are dreamers who live in a world of their own illusions. They have a fine sense of music, are capable of self-sacrifice and often act intuitively. Not feeling love and support, Pisces fall into despondency, withdraw into themselves and can be in a state of severe prolonged depression. Pisces best realize themselves in the role of musicians, artists, teachers and representatives of the creative professions - leadership positions and responsibilities for them are often heavy and unnatural.

Pisces, as the last sign of the zodiac, is a so-called mirror of the other signs, absorbing the positive and negative traits. They, more than any other sign, are divided into two types - bright and convinced idealists, sensitive, dreamy and bright people who are ready for real feats, and low people, parasitic opportunists who speculate on their apparent weakness.

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Pisces is difficult to accept criticism - they are willing to be deceived and to listen to information in a form that does not traumatize their psyche. They themselves also like to understate, so as not to disturb the harmony that they always strive for. In their desire to organize their world harmoniously, Pisces are very attentive to aesthetics - they love everything beautiful, understand fashion, have a keen sense of art and gravitate to nature.

Phlegmatic, closed and vulnerable Pisces, who are absolute introverts, often accompanied by such diseases as neurasthenia, depression, alcoholism and drug addiction. Their oversensitivity and sentimentality sometimes look charming, but often prove disastrous for themselves.
Pisces is very susceptible to weaknesses that relieve mental pain, and therefore nurturing willpower and the inability to resist the blows of fate is their main problem. In addition, in a state of chaos, they can turn into fanatics, including religious ones, as well as plunge into occult currents.


Pisces men are idealists and dreamers. Most of them are susceptible and malleable people, muttering in doubts, experiencing a lack of vocation in life and worthy fulfillment. The other part - overcame their fears, men who have found their way in life, but left a bit hurt and vulnerable.

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More often than not, Pisces men are easygoing and comfortable to communicate. Politeness and tactfulness do not allow men of this sign to show open aggression, which is often their problem. They are closed in their thoughts, and even those who do not belong to the number of shy men, intensely experience their failures in the soul, showing irritability and hypochondria. Soul wounds do not heal for a long time - they love the role of martyrs.

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Pisces men easily fall in love and difficult to build a strong harmonious relationship. The main problems in love are related to the pursuit of an unattainable ideal and building relationships with those who have a much brighter temperament. They fall for vicious and flamboyant women, who are characterized by flamboyant behavior.

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Fish women are charming, subtle and mysterious young ladies, attracting men by their vulnerability and defenselessness. Their femininity and weakness is their main trump card creating an atmosphere of mystery around them.
Female Pisces do not even try to play femme fatale seductress, knowing for sure that their charm - in naturalness, the desire to be guided, dependent and compliant. Some men are incredibly idealized by their kindness and sacrifice, others are irritated by their lack of a core and articulate position in life.

In this case, the shy and soft women Pisces sometimes have an enviable practicality and common sense. Its location is not easy to achieve, and it is reason that sometimes makes it not to go on the emotions. The strongest traits of the female Pisces are femininity and the ability to properly manage their signature traits - fragility and gentleness. Weaknesses are suggestibility, mood swings, looking at the world through rose-colored glasses of her own fantasies. She prefers not to interfere in financial matters, leaving them to a man, but in relations with relatives, children or at work sometimes takes on someone else's problems.


Favorable union turns out at Pisces with calm and practical Taurus, but the union will be successful if the man in this pair will be Taurus, and the woman - Pisces. Dreamy Cancer will be a harmonious companion for dreamy Pisces, and balanced Virgo - a reliable and stable option. The brightest and most interesting union will be with Scorpio - Pisces will admire the active partner, which at the same time does not suppress their bubbling energy.
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Difficult relationships await a Pisces with fire signs - Aries, Gemini and Leo, who are made of a completely different dough.

The alliance with Libra and Sagittarius is categorically impossible.


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