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Zodiac Sign Characteristics for Libra [Dates, Horoscope, Personality, Compability]

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac, under the patronage of Venus and Saturn. Its ruling element is air. Its representatives are calm and sensible, they seek stability and permanence. They are endowed with a sharp mind and the ability to think logically, clearly and structurally.

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Representatives of the sign of Libra have a developed sense of beauty and aesthetic thinking, so among them a lot of gifted artists, decorators and photographers. Libra appreciates beauty and harmony in all its manifestations: they like to admire landscapes, wear sophisticated clothing and communicate with interesting, spiritually rich people.

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Libra subconsciously seeks harmony and balance, and not finding it, fall into confusion and do not know how to act in unexpected situations, waiting for hints and instructions from the outside. They are looking for a long time in life and do not do the work, which in their opinion, does not carry any value. Because of this, they often deserve the accusation of laziness and spoiling. But this is not entirely true, because by finding a worthy application of their talents, Libras fully give themselves to the cause.

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Representatives of the sign of Libra is often rebuked for impracticality and excessive dreaminess, they tend to dream and speculate, rather than act, fearing defeat and failure. The virtues of Libra include their sociability, tactfulness and honesty. They are loyal unselfish friends and wise counselors who can rationally assess situations and draw the right conclusions.


Libra Men are the most loyal and faithful life companions. They easily and unobtrusively create comfort and harmony in their environment, are nonconflictive and compliant, they like noisy companies and entertainment. Representatives of this constellation pleasant to communicate, always friendly, helpful and cheerful. They try to please everyone, but do not ingratiate, and sincerely listen to the wishes of others. They understand people well, and therefore easily gain their trust. Libra is quite boastful and likes to be listened to. Hardly accept criticism in his address.

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Men born under the constellation Libra appreciate the material possessions - expensive cars, luxurious lifestyle, travel and delicious food. Chaos and disharmony in any important area of life make them withdrawn and aloof.
The Libra man is a great psychologist and counselor. However, he himself hardly dares to take a responsible step, so the best companion for him is a woman who will be a support and helper, will instill confidence and help achieve the goals.

Family idyll for a representative of this sign - this is the main prize. Representatives of this sign, as a rule, excellent fathers, using the child's unquestionable authority. In spite of the demanding and strictness, such a father is sincerely attached to his children, although he rarely demonstrates it openly.


Libra Women are wise and economical. At first glance malleable and compliant, they invariably subordinate the course of events to their script. They exert great influence on their companions, unobtrusively giving them advice and guiding their actions. They like to be in control and calculate all the risks before they decide to do something. Getting into a dispute or conflict, women of Libra carefully think through their arguments in advance, but also as events unfold are able to make the right conclusions. It is often said that the representatives of this sign are masculine mindset.

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Women-libras are somewhat conservative, they like to be able to guess in advance what will happen next, not inclined to adventures. Conservatism is manifested in the appearance of women of Libra: find your style, they do not change it for many years.

They dress elegant and tasteful, but do not follow fashion trends and extravagance and outrage to them and not at all acceptable.
Outwardly, women of Libra seem weak, defenseless and compliant, but this is far from it - they are able to find a way out of any situation, make a decision and support their loved ones. The home of a woman born under the constellation Libra is the ideal of comfort, coziness and order. One of the main joys of her life is to equip her own home in accordance with her ideas of beauty.


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The representatives of the constellations Gemini or Aquarius will make an excellent pair for Libra. These signs understand each other well, are similar in temperament and attitude to life. These relationships will be long-term, harmonious and strong. An affair with Scorpio will bring Libra new emotions and experiences, but will probably not last long.

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Libra has the least chance of success in a relationship with Virgo, Cancer and Pisces. Libras will not find common ground with Virgo sign representatives, the lack of common themes will cause irritation and dissatisfaction. Cancers will not fit into the harmonious and balanced world of Libra. As for Pisces, Libra will make exaggerated demands of them and try to drive them into a framework that the sensitive and fragile nature of Pisces will not be able to endure.

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