Zodiac Sign Characteristics for Gemini [Dates, Horoscope, Personality, Compability] Ichaku [Perfect Gifts Selection]

Zodiac Sign Characteristics for Gemini [Dates, Horoscope, Personality, Compability]

♊ MAY 22 TO JUNE 21

Gemini is an adventurous, bright, intellectual sign, whose representatives are complex dualistic natures. They are not only prone to mood swings, but also to situations of mental confusion, searching for themselves, involvement in ventures and dubious undertakings.

Genetic element in Gemini is the changeable and mobile Air, and their planet is restless Mercury, which gives this sign sociability, agility and mental agility. As a rule, they are rarely completely happy and satisfied with their lives, their ambition and endless ideas move them forward - only in motion and seeking new horizons Gemini feel good.

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Gemini are the most agile and communicative people, affable in appearance, with an addiction to society and new information people. They are strong and decisive people, and intelligence and cunning allow them to manage, avoiding the use of physical force. The ability to always be in the center of important events and the ability to properly handle the data allows them to deftly juggle the facts, and therefore most often representatives of this sign become lawyers, journalists, public figures and public figures. Among Gemini men there are often geniuses as well as crooks.

Despite the apparent invulnerability, Gemini painfully vulnerable - behind the armor of ostentatious indifference hides a sensitive nature. Instability and lack of stability can sometimes ruin even the most talented nature. Gemini is usually not in good health, are prone to depression and allergies. In love, they never bet only on the physical attractiveness of the partner - for Gemini important intrigue, psychological battles, complex and interesting relationship.

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The Gemini man is an innovator, a revolutionary, a fighter against drabness and predictability. He loves unconventional moves, unexpected solutions, fantastic surprises and bright emotions. The pulse of Gemini life is always on the limit, with the external attractiveness of the image sometimes hides a complex and contradictory nature, not tolerating restrictions, unfreedom and the slightest routine. Even the most physically attractive woman will make Gemini squeamishly retreat if she is suspected of conservatism, the desire for commonness and lack of depth.

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The ability to surprise, be different and well-rounded - these are the keys to the heart of a typical Gemini man.

More than anything else, the Gemini man likes ambiguous situations, intellectual disputes, uneven and complex relationships - to interest him, it is best to show character and willingness to participate in games. A woman who is not capable of intriguing flirtation, down-to-earth and conflict-free, is of no interest to him. There are many typical Don Juans among Gemini men who are interested in talking to different women, getting to know them, collecting them, each time adding something new to their piggy bank of feelings. Rejecting templates, they are against restrictions. To conquer such a man, you need to give up clichéd phrases, show your intelligence and thinking outside the box. Gemini men appreciate in women above all brains and a sense of humor.

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Gemini women adore mystery, mystery, and therefore around them there is always a fleur of fog and understatement. At the same time they are not closed in themselves, but they are socially active and bright, while leaving the ground for the most unexpected interpretation of the image.

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Games - a favorite activity of Gemini. They love experiments and risk madly fall in love with someone who can seriously surprise and win - but not impudent and primitive courtship, and elegant and unconventional moves. Strong, lively and communicative, the Gemini woman, despite her sharp mind and ambition, can often be painfully sentimental. She is also emotional in making even the most important decisions.

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Emphasized desire for freedom and independence sometimes prevent her to build a harmonious relationship - for Gemini acceptable option would only be a partnership and spiritually and mentally related. These women cease to experience interest when they subordinate a man and are hardly ready to uncomplainingly give a man the reins of power. Their main weakness - a passion for change, and therefore get along with the Gemini woman can only similar freedom-loving nature.


Emotional and harmonious alliances will be folded in Gemini with Aries and Aquarius - the first will give him the passion, will not give boredom and energize, the second shares the desire for freedom, lightness and adventure. Surrender to the charm of Gemini more relaxed and refined Libra - their intelligence, as well as the unusual refined nature and the ability to adjust will allow you to build long-term relationships. Excellent relationships will fold with representatives of their sign.

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An interesting but uneven union awaits Gemini and Leo, but here there is a risk of accumulating fatigue from excessive pathos and defiant immodesty of the more primitive Leo.

Capricorns, Virgo, and Taurus are too passive and predictable for fickle Gemini - these unions are doomed to fail. Cold-blooded and weak Cancers are driving Gemini mad - there is no common ground in this union.

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