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Zodiac Sign Characteristics for Capricorn [Dates, Horoscope, Personality, Compability]

Capricorn (lat. Capricornus) is a zodiacal constellation ruled by Saturn. It is said about the representatives of this zodiac sign that their passions are incurably ordered - the fact is that Capricorn's temperament is melancholic, its character is reserved, and one of the main characteristics of its nature can be called practicality. The external coldness and unemotional nature allow them to always control the situation and act reasonably, relying on arguments and common sense.

Capricorns often become successful businessmen also due to their coolness and focus on results. Patience, desire for justice, rigor, rationality and diligence are the main traits of Capricorns.

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They prefer not to demonstrate their personal life, and in shaping their own reputation they prefer to bet not on extravagance or emphasizing their individuality, but on correct behavior and elegant formalism. The main motive for their attention to dress and appearance is professional ambition.

As an Earth sign, Capricorn is practical and worldly, not living in a world of ghostly illusions, but calling things by their proper names and demanding the same from others. This is a very goal-oriented person, a tough analyst, flawlessly able to subordinate emotions to the voice of reason. Capricorns go to their goal smoothly, using tactical arguments and strategy. They seldom use guile, intrigue and charm - even women of this sign consider it beneath their dignity.

The outward manifestations of the Capricorns' character are calm, not much wordiness, detachment, but at the same time they do not hover in the clouds, but they have a strong character and ambitiousness. Capricorns do not like open behavior, preferring to avoid uncomfortable situations - there is no place for stormy passions and open conflicts in their smooth life. That is why Capricorns have few very close friends, but also almost no obvious enemies - representatives of this sign are not characteristic to share their emotional feelings with others, just as to show open negativity.


A Capricorn man is a diplomat and a gentleman, pleasant to talk to, which owns the art of etiquette, but at the same time, self-confident and not very talkative. He does not speak loudly and beautifully, does not shower with compliments, long looks closely to the woman he likes, notes the features that are close to him - often the representatives of this sign pay attention not only to appearance but also to a woman's ability to hold herself. In a relationship, the Capricorn man chooses the role of protector and protector. For the most part Capricorns are constant and reliable, they rarely let you down, but they also rarely arrange beautiful surprises and serenades under the window.

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In work and business, a Capricorn man prefers to create a positive image, is always responsible for his words and chooses respectable professions - lawyers, politicians, businessmen.


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Capricorn women are somewhat more erotic and amorous than the representatives of the stronger sex of this sign. A Capricorn woman like no other knows how to behave as a real lady - she is strict in the observance of external decency and at first glance seems cold and unapproachable, strict and mysterious, but rarely in what woman lies such a volcano of passion. Its charm is mysterious and ambiguous, and above all, it is aimed at the man to conquer and achieve it, making an effort. One of the typical representatives of this sign was Marlene Dietrich - reserved, cold, but bright and charismatic, she had a magnetic effect on men, conquering them with her wisdom, not coquetry.

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The Capricorn woman is so restrained that sometimes it is difficult to understand what she is offended by - her independent nature is only a cover, and she often harbors resentment while keeping up appearances. One of the Capricorn women's problems in love is an emphatically virtuous image, which discourages many men who need at least minimal encouragement and coquetry.

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Capricorn women rarely experiment in fashion, preferring the classics - their style is always understated, and they often favor practical but elegant items.
In work, Capricorn women often compete with men in professionalism - she reaches great career heights and enjoys unquestionable authority.



The ideal partner for Capricorns in all spheres of life is Taurus. Practicality and stability will be the strongest foundation of their relationship. Also a good union awaits Capricorns with another earthly sign - Virgo, representatives of these signs are brought together by the desire for a simple healthy life, for delicious food and enjoyable sex. A harmonious relationship awaits Capricorns with Libra, as well as with representatives of their sign.

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An even relationship awaits with Pisces and Crab. Capricorns are decisively contraindicated relations with Aquarius and Leo: representatives of these signs are people of different elements and temperaments.

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The absolute antipode of Capricorns is Gemini with whom Capricorns have virtually no common ground. One of the most difficult signs for Capricorn is Aries, whose frenzied energy literally demoralizes a balanced and stable Capricorn.

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