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Zodiac Sign Characteristics for Aries [Dates, Horoscope, Personality, Compability]


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and a typical representative of the fire element under the patronage of Mars, which means that its representatives are ambitious, active, impulsive, ambitious, and remarkable in their energy. As absolute leaders by nature, Aries is characterized by courage and dedication, bordering on idealism and naivety, but often these romantically-minded prideful and enthusiastic people are often dictators. The symbol of Aries is the ram with curved horns, which means aggression, energy, strength and authoritarianism.

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All the aspirations of the Ram are characterized by a surprising sense of purpose - they often live by the principle "the end justifies the means. In addition, achieving the results, Aries are a pleasure not only from the result, but also from the process - passive inaction and laziness are destructive and unnatural for them.

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Representatives of this sign are constantly in motion, not always have time to analyze and show flexibility, and therefore easily take only those heights that surrender under the pressure of aggression, authority and strength. In cases where it is necessary to apply the diplomatic tact, cunning, compromise, Aries is in a weak position.

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Aries is considered a typically masculine sign, one of the main characteristics of which is brutality and dominance, and therefore among the representatives of this zodiac constellation there is the largest number of representatives of power, politicians and high-ranking military personnel. The desire to lead and control is more important for them even than material goods. Strengths of the sign are adventurousness, courage, activity, and openness to new ideas. Weaknesses include rudeness, narcissism, tactlessness, and aggression.


Aries men - a bright, charismatic, active and confident, different outstanding temperament and constantly being in the prison of plans and ideas. Next to this man almost no chance to feel bored - Aries is always in motion, creating around him and his woman a special reality of excitement, vivid emotions, dynamics and victories. He is comfortable only in a state of struggle and the race for first place, and therefore he will always win the woman he loves in competition with strong competitors, and already in a relationship will certainly demonstrate their leadership qualities, demanding proof of their exclusivity.

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Aries man - a classic charismatic and leader who does not accept competition with a woman, and therefore, choosing the relationship of a lifetime, gives preference to a gentle and passive individuals who are ready to fully give him the reins. At the same Aries categorically rejects not only cheating, but even flirting on the side. In this case, the man himself is more than favorable to the Aries infatuation on the side.

Dominant in a relationship, it is also a creative nature, preferring vivid experience and strong emotions, and therefore too practical or down-to-earth woman can seem boring to him. Falling in love, the Aries man reaches to fanaticism, idealizing the object of his desire, and as is often the case in such cases, eventually severely disappointed. To like a man - Aries, it is recommended to be mysterious, unusual, exceptional, and ready to tirelessly emphasize his uniqueness.

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Aries Women - a bright, strong, authoritarian and active, with an inflated ego, feeling the constant need to be independent. By nature, representatives of this sign of the optimists, generous and wasteful nature, preferring impractical gifts - emotions are more important to them than material goods. An idealist and philosopher, the Aries woman often says what she thinks, without fear of offending the other party.

At first glance it seems strong and indifferent to men, suppressing them, but rare woman more dependent on love, sex and romance than the Aries. The physical side of the relationship is of paramount importance to her - a partner who does not conform to the notions of good sex will be easily dismissed.

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The Aries woman is always on the move, doing a thousand things at once. She is extremely emancipated - she is able to pay for herself or call a cab. She does not need a male protector, and she also rejects puppy raptures and displays of obsession. As a freedom-loving sign, Aries also appreciates independence and pride in the opposite sex.

Aries women as a magnet attract the representatives of the stronger sex, who do not succumb to their charms. In this case, the Aries woman loves admiration and flattery, the feeling of superiority. Her activity, agility and temperament admire some men and completely unacceptable to others. Women born under the sign of Aries, do not lose their brightness over the years due to the inner energy and charisma.

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Favorable prospects in relationships with Aries with Gemini, who are also tireless innovators. Bright and impulsive Sagittarius - and at all the ideal partner for the Aries. Aries has a lot in common with the independent Aquarius. One of the most successful alliances will be with the antagonist - Pisces, who will gladly give Aries the leadership, charming with its mystique and dissent.

Romances with a representative of their sign are possible, but here the palm will be with the Aries woman, which will lead to disharmony - the Aries man is not ready to be led for a long time.

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The most unsuccessful alliances in Aries are formed with practical representatives of the earthly signs - Capricorn, Taurus and Libra, which will seem too boring to Aries, as well as Leo, in the struggle for leadership with which there will be only contradictions.

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