Zodiac Sign Characteristics for Aquarius [Dates, Horoscope, Personality, Compability] Ichaku [Perfect Gifts Selection]

Zodiac Sign Characteristics for Aquarius [Dates, Horoscope, Personality, Compability]

Aquarius is the sign of the element Air, ruled by the two planets Uranus and Saturn. This is one of the most complex and controversial signs of the zodiacal constellation, whose representatives are constantly in search of new sensations. In the sign of Aquarius itself there is an inherent inner conflict - they always seek freedom, new experiences, new information.

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They are ideological people, who pass even immoral actions or the most incomprehensible forms of sexual experience through the prism of their idealism. By the way, it is the representatives of this sign with ease make friends with former lovers, considering sex as the natural basis for a relationship.

At first glance, Aquarians are kind, soft and even insecure people. They are always happy to come to the rescue, greatly appreciate friendship and are very fond of exploring the mysteries of existence and human existence - the philosophical component of their nature determines their non-standard way of looking at the world. With all disdain for material values, pathos and luxury Aquarians at heart are very dependent on comfort and money, although their basic ideology concerns the idea of equality of people and democracy as the highest value.

Aquarians always strive for originality, which is expressed literally in everything - from the way of thinking to lifestyle. They do not flaunt their achievements, but very much like when their individuality is appreciated. The main spiritual problem of representatives of this sign is the desire to absorb all the information, which is perceived as the highest value, but not always this information is worthy of application. It is indicative that the craving for the exoteric and irrational often leads Aquarius to such professions as magicians and artists. In addition, they have a very good sense of art and are distinguished by a romantic temperament.

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Weaknesses of Aquarius - infantile, the inability to bring things to the end, the desire to reject any social restrictions and frameworks, a demonstration of their rejection and dissimilarity to others in a moment of despair and misunderstanding.


Aquarius men - hyper-responsible people, which at the same time differ thinking outside the box. They like to take risks and experiment, have an original sense of humor and are easygoing.

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In a relationship Aquarius seems superficial, although at times his extravagance and revolutionary does not exclude the desire for a quiet haven. The fact of possessing a beautiful woman is sometimes more important to him than the physical pleasure.

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The Aquarius man refers to work with dedication, as long as it does not begin to limit his freedoms - he feels confident and comfortable in a situation where he is not imposed conventions and standard schemes.


Aquarius women are direct, communicative, able to impress and create an atmosphere of coziness. They are incredibly skilled at creating variety in intimate life, it is difficult to shock them with obscene suggestions or to bring them into a stupor - female Aquarius, being calm and considerate in everyday life, are very inventive in terms of erotic manifestations.

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Women of the Aquarius dress originally and extravagantly and feel fashion very keenly - this is one of their strengths. They like noisy companies, attention, special places for leisure and being surrounded by people who are fun and interesting.

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In love, the female Aquarius gives herself completely, selflessly drawing idealistic pictures. At the same time, she is very demanding and demands candor and devotion. It severely hurt by inattention beloved men, although she herself, even when she was deeply in love, can afford to have an affair on the side. Brutal men rarely attract female Aquarius - usually they are more important spiritual connection with the object of his attention and invisible vibes, rather than playing with biceps and stubble of three days.


The best union awaits Aquarius with Cancer, Gemini and Libra - representatives of these signs also appreciate subtleties and details in relationships.

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Difficult but bright union awaits Aquarius with Aries and representatives of their sign.

Astrologers predict a bad union for Aquarius with Scorpio and Leo, whose active and boiling activity does not find a response in a few mystical and mysterious way of thinking of Aquarius.

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